From the recording A Thousand Secrets

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02_Piece of You

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Bass: FJ Ventre


Piece of You

Standing in the rain, I hear your voice
Falling all around above the noise
I've been hurting for a while, but it only made me smile
Funny how through tears you still remember joy

I breathe it in, let it be
Life is only memories
I'm thankful that I carry part of you
I don't have to let it go
Think I'm wise enough to know
A weary heart doesn't have to break in two
I'll always have a piece of you

Walking past the place that we would frequent
Where the corner preacher gave you testament
I know that it's too late and I can't communicate it
But things were better for me here before you went


We were pushing through those summer streets
I was saying everything except what was on my mind
Elevated colors, music ringing through
Yet so aware you were leaving me behind