1. 03_Mockingbird

From the recording A Thousand Secrets

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Slide Guitar: Jon Shain
Bass: FJ Ventre
Piano: Doug Hammer
Drums: Dana Thalheimer
Trombone: Danny Grewen



Run Away, run away; leave myself behind
To spin around on golden ground
Two steps at a time
I wanna go where the honey flows into my whiskey jar
To kill the pain and toast the flame
that carried me so far

Mockingbird, mockingbird, just tell me to my face
I was wishing for things that never were
Left my heart to waste
Oh, fly me yon across the pond
So I can start again
But keep your tweet on sweet repeat
to remind me where I've been

Ocean breeze, ocean breeze, just blow me to the deep
Hold me down until I drown
so I can get some sleep
Then bury me like treasure, far beneath the cold sea floor
The epitaph, on my behalf:
"This girl can cry no more."

Run away, run away...
Leave myself behind
Far of the path,
No coming back
because I can't make you mine.