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04_A Thousand Secrets

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Violin: Pattie Kinlaw Hopkins


A Thousand Secrets

When you find my body, no need to handle it with care
Oblige me with a rosary, but please just leave me there
I was a stain upon my father; a burden to his wife
And the words she wrapped around my throat dug deeper than a knife

Cast your stones
You can't hurt me anymore
Cast your stones
I won't care

My arrival was your misfortune, I have often heard you say
You dressed me in my mother's shame and threw us both away
Unwanted child, wreckless pleasure - the ruin of your perfect son
And as you clutch your pearls of wisdom, witness what your love has done



Deep within the shadows where this flower could not grow
Shrouded by a thousand secrets; nowhere left to go...

...except the desert. It's hot and hungry. Milks you even when you're dead
In this wretched heat, there's no relief, but the rock under my head
And the birds they tear my flesh from bones as they crumble back to dirt
But the gentle pull of nothingness is stronger than the hurt


Comfort Me

I was born in rising water, that came to claim my mother's soul
She left to me, her only daughter, a history twas never told
My daddy trudged up dusky mountains to clear his conscience of his wrongs
His sacrifices, he was counting on, to build a ladder to his immortal home