From the recording A Thousand Secrets

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06_Like Me Like That

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Bass: FJ Ventre
Violin: Alice Hasen


Like Me Like That

There you are again, with all of our friends
Waiting for the music to play
You've known me so long, but you got me all wrong
If you only knew what I was praying...
That your smile was meant for me
That you hand was own my knee
As we talked about what our future together might be,
I'm just questioning...


Do you like me like that
Do you want me to stay
Like me in the old fashioned, hand-holding way
Should I meet your mother
Call you my lover
Or maybe, we're better as friends

You saw me and wave
Thought you were heading my way
Until you walked into someone's embrace
Your bodies entwined, this dance wasn't mine
Tried to hide the surprise on my face
All the lights were turned down low
I knew that I should go
Maybe I'm just naive, but I can't give you up 'til I know
Won't you tell me so?



The dreams I've been chasing
to find just a trace
of a love never brought to the light
I never came clean, but I hope that someday you might...
Feel the same way, too

But your face showed the truth
Now I had the proof
but pretended that I didn't care
While my head held a storm
My skin was so warm
I tried to escape to the air
But you just had to tell me goodbye
I was guarded, so I told a lie
Instead of -
I had to run home to confess to this mirror and cry
I want you...

to like me like that
and ask me to stay
Like me in that old fashioned, hand holding way
Could I meet your mother and call you my lover
or maybe we're better as friends
Or maybe, I'll just pretend