1. 07_Jezebel

From the recording A Thousand Secrets

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Slide Guitar: Jon Shain
Bass: FJ Ventre
Piano: Doug Hammer



You're infectious, you're contagious
You're irreverent, you're outrageous
You've been singing on the phone
You've been dancing all alone
You're an angel, you're a harlot
Your heart is black, your eyes are scarlet

You're conniving and you're mean
You rob the cradle, you're obscene
You drink your milk out of the jug,
Drink your wine out of a mug
You keep a lover on the side
Never Jekyll, only Hyde


I wish it was me
I wish I was you
I wish I could get away with all the things you do
I want to right in the margins
I want to dog ear the page
I wanna ride bareback
I want to dance in the cage

You're obnoxious and you're bright
You're a thief and a delight
You talk to snakes, you charm the bees
You bring the devil to his knees
You out talk the sailors
You outrun the cops
You burn down your trailer
You're always on top



Now I want to fight, I want to throw stones
I wanna be scary, hard as a bone
I want to teach a lesson
I want to be free
I wanna be mad
I wanna be me

You're seductive and you're sneaky
Kinda hard, kinda freaky
You turn your lights out in the fog
You give chocolate to your dog
You just say yes; you ask and you tell
You are my hero Jezebel