From the recording A Thousand Secrets

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08_Tilly's Song

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Guitar and Vocals: Leah Magner
Bass: FJ Ventre


Tilly's Song

Miracles are something Tilly's mother used to pray for
She gave it up the day she turned 18
She wasn't like the other girls, with shiny hair and easy smiles
She knew that she would never wear her mother's diamond ring

She was the apple of her father's eye
He never even noticed any flaws
But when it came his time to leave this world
he cried so many tears for his little girl
Promised he'd look down on her from heaven when he's gone

But she said don't you worry 'bout me
I got a faith in up above and I have memories
And I can sit here in the sunshine beneath these two old apple trees
in a place that God made just for me...
To make up for other things

She got herself in trouble once when she was 17
but her body couldn't handle all the pain
He was a wanderer from Lexington, a self promoting vagabond
Neer even cared enough to ask her for her name


She said, don't feel sorry for me
There's not a lot of choices, here, for girls like me
But I can sit here in the sunshine between these two old apple trees
In a place that God made just for me
To make up for other things

Tilly worked her daddy's land the best she could
Pulling up tobacco stalks and chopping wood
But through depression and the drought, you know sometimes she did without
Making due is one thing that she understood.